Cracking the Jean Code

Image courtesy Second Denim

If you already own a pair of Second Denim yoga jeans, you're in on the secret that changed my life about 6 months ago.  It was a cold, rainy day in November and I headed to the mall to buy jeans.   I'd recently had a new baby and was looking for something super comfortable that I could wear around the house and out on daily errands.  I believe flannel is a nocturnal species of fabric, that Lululemons should run, not walk, and that even your baby shouldn't have to see you walking around in your underwear all day, so jeans were my final option.  Problem was, all of the jeans I had just weren't that comfortable.

I went into Jean Machine and tried to hold my squirming baby under one arm while pulling on a pair of yoga jeans with the other - not an easy feat.  I put him on the floor for a second so I could look at myself in the mirror and just as he was about to cry, he looked me up and down, tilted his head slightly to the side and gave me a look of total newborn approval - or was it gas?  I reached down to grab him and the jeans stretched with me.  I lifted him up in the air and the jeans totally stayed put.  We did a few lunges, a couple of spins and a little soldier boy dance and my yoga jeans passed every little bootie-shaking test.  Genius!  

Yoga jeans are designed to feel like leggings and look like jeans but to be clear, they're definitely not jeggings (which you will promptly toss after trying on yoga jeans).   They're made of brushed cotton and 3% elastane and boast a 92% shape memory (compared to the industry standard of 64%) and a 6-piece waistband designed to hug your curves without ever gaping at the back.  The jeans come in a variety of different rises, fits and washes - plus, each pair is made in Montréal (yay!) and individually distressed to give them a unique character, ensuring that no two pairs are exactly alike. 

Try them on (a size or two smaller than you normally wear - winning!) and they will absolutely change your life...  well, maybe not your life but the way you look at jeans, anyway. 

Second Denim's Yoga Jeans are available now at Jean Machine (approx. $110)