Let's Hear It For The Boys

Even before they learn how to walk, most little girls have fashion all figured out.  With their ribbons, sparkly shoes and collection of dress-up clothes, females seem to inherently understand the importance of a rocking outfit.  After ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ comes, ‘shoe’, ‘pink’ and ‘money’.  And shopping?  It’s practically written into our checklist of developmental milestones:  Does she respond when you say her name?  Can she string together 3 or more words?  Does she get giddy at a babyGap sale?  

Boys, on the other hand, choose clothes based primarily on their practicality (huh?) so is it any wonder that a lot of men need some help in the style department?  If he's willing to let you shop for him (or at the very least take your advice), take a look at these great looks for your guy - from work to weekends to going out in style. And to any guys reading this post, I applaud you.  It takes a strong man to ask for directions and luckily for you, I'm directing you straight to a place called 'Hotness'.  Ooooh, can I come?!


Want another sweet outfit idea?  Click here for some more sartorial inspiration.  Oh, and don't forget about Father's Day this Sunday.  Big love to all the dads out there!