The Anti-It-Bag

A budget-friendly version of a Chanel quilted bag - photo via Jak and Jil Blog

1. Coach Classic City Bag, Coach, $278; 2. Structured Handbag, ALDO Accessories, $38; 3. Coach Classic Leather Shoulder Purse, Coach, $298; 4. Messenger Bag, Danier, $189; 5. Kristina Bag in Prince Leather, Roots, $298; 6. Modern Satchel, ALDO Accessories, $45; 7. Clutch, Danier, $69; 8. Fossil Mini Cross-Body Bag, The Bay, $70; 9. Faux Leather Tote, H&M, $39.95; 10. Mini Monique Bag, Roots, $188

I'll admit it:  I have a love-hate relationship with logos.  Seeing an iconic Chanel 'C' or a far-beyond-my-budget LV instantly brings to mind words like luxury, haute-couture and credit card debt.  There are days when I wish I could snatch up the latest celebrity It-bag and have a Birkin in every colour, just because I had so much money that, what else could I possibly do with it all?!  I get the twinges of envy, I understand the appeal, I feel the lust. 

And yet, those same It-bags can often feel a little, for lack of a better word, cheap.  Seems counterintuitive given the hefty pricetags associated with designer bags, but there's just something about a girl plastered with logos that screams, "Hey everybodyyyy, see my Gucci bag?  See all the logos?!  I'm rolling in it, suckers!!!"  Don't get me wrong, I own a few logo pieces myself, but my latest obsession is the subtle, classic bag - the well-made, beautifully-designed bag that won't look dated in a year or two (see my top 10 picks from White Oaks Mall above).  Maybe I've just gotten tired of trying to compete, but to me, a beautiful, understated bag is miles more impressive than a loud, logo-plastered purse.  Shouldn't they be paying me to advertise for them?  I know I'm not the only one who feels this way - clean-lined, logo-free bags are being embraced by designers everywhere this fall and I'm loving the results.  Even Coach recently brought back its line of 'Classics', whose timeless appeal and un-fussy designs have won over legions of stylish fans. 

Now, carry on.  Just be sure to carry away a simple, chic new fall bag as a little back-to-whatever gift.  They're always saying to love yourself first and I really can't think of a better way.  Hooray!