A Shot of Cognac

See by Chloé Fall 2011 Lookbook - photos courtesy chloe.com

When it comes to the fun things in life, be it junk food, alcohol or parties, its always good to practise moderation.  As I found out the hard way when I binged on a tray of my roommate's baclava after doing too many shots of Killer Kool-Aid at a frat party, you can have too much of a good thing.   

Turns out the 'little goes a long way' mantra holds true with fashion,too.  Take cognac, for example:  the rich colour from head-to-toe could easily overwhelm, making you look like Zac Efron; the richness and strength of the hue calls for a more understated approach.  Just a dose of cognac in a shoe, bag or blazer is enough to add depth and warmth to any of your neutral fall pieces.  I'm in love with the styling at See by Chloé (French design house, Chloé's more affordable line).  The white, black, grey and camel separates might look a little safe (read:  boring) on their own but add a little cognac accent and the whole outfit gets ramped up to an entirely new level.  Like the shy dude who just needs a little shot of liquid courage to take the karaoke mic, every girl's (and guy's, for that matter) fall wardrobe would benefit from a little cognac accent.

Want a little taste?  Click on the thumbnails below to check out some decadent (but wonderfully affordable) cognac finds(N.B - The CLOSET does not endorse binge drinking, binge eating or binge partying.  Thought I'd throw that in for all the parents out there.  You're welcome.)