Friday Find: A Chic Sweater

The first thing that might come to mind when looking at this sweater would probably sound a lot like, 'Huh?'  It's like a scarf and a sweater got in a streetfight, right?  Well, my budding fashion mavens, the brilliance of this sweater lies in the fact that it's throw-on-and-go at its best;  All that extra material around the neck makes it look like you've expertly draped a scarf over top of a streamlined sweater, meaning you've already shaved minutes off your morning routine.  Plus, in my mind, a girl can never have too many grey sweaters for battling all that equally grey weather in style.   

The Twist Wrap Cardigan ($69) is available now at Jacob, just waiting for you to try it on - if you're anything like me, you just might fall in love.