Mustache Musts for a Manly Movember

I know. I know. That's a whole lotta 'm's. But when it comes to 'staches, it's all about the cheesy, the in-your-face (make that, on-your-face), cliché.  Or is it? Since the Movember movement (created to raise funds and awareness for male mental health and prostate cancer) has become a rite of passage for any philanthropically-inclined male, mustaches have evolved from a little bit creepy to, dare I say it, a tad sexy?  While a few years ago, I would have said that the only man who has ever (ever) looked good in a 'stache was Tom Selleck, I now see mustached men and actually kind of get the appeal.  I mean, everyone loves a guy with heart, especially when they're willing to let hair invade their upper lip for a full month in the name of charity.

And what about the women who support their hairy men - or 'Mo Sistas' as they've come to be known?  While men get to go incognito behind a full-blown fu Manchu, the women in their lives aren't quite so lucky.  You've heard of the man cold, right?  Try the man mo'. "It itches", "I keep getting food stuck in it," and the completely unrelated "I need a massaaage" is really just the beginning.  Then try kissing that. Ouch.

Here are some of the cutest mustache must-have's for this month.  Happy, hairy Movember! x

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Mustache Ring, $7.90, Garage

Mustache Straw Set, Claire's

Mustache Magnet Set, $9.75, Claire's

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Blu-Ray, $17.99, Sunrise Records

Striped Mustache Beanie, $18.75, Claire's

Join the Boathouse team, grow a sweet 'stache, and help raise funds for Movember - join Boathouse here

Hello Kitty Mustache Necklace, $13, Claire's

Von Zipper Mustache Chart Tee, $9.99, West 49

Sunstache Frames with Soul Patch, $13, Claire's