The Little Things


The countdown is on and with the big day exactly 2 weeks away, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty.  And by that I mean, the fun stuff; the baking, the wrapping, the merry-making.  And of course, there's the stockings. Nothing gives me more pleasure than finding awesome little treats with which to stuff those socks until they're ready to burst on Christmas morning.   Two things I've learned:  1) Make sure said stockings are hung on well-anchored hooks or somebody could get hurt and 2) Chocolate melts. Save the fire until after you've taken the stockings down or you'll have a sticky situation on your hands (literally)

I've pulled together loads of stylish $25-and-under finds from White Oaks Mall for all of the good little elves, both big and small, on your list.  Keep it up y'all!  Can anyone else feel that adrenaline pumping? x