L. O. V. E.


THE HOPELESS ROMANTIC:  1. Graphic Postcard Tee, Gap, $29.95; 2. Diamond Heart Lock Pendant, Michael Hill, $289; 3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; 4. Stackable Love Ring, American Eagle Outfitters, $15.53; 5. Taylor Swift Valentine's Card, Carlton Cards; 6. Kathleen Edwards 'Voyageur' CD, Sunrise Records

THE FOXY LADY:  1. Passion Potion Tea, Teaopia, $15; 2. Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette, Sephora, $60; 3. Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub, Bath & Body Works, $16; 4. Jeweled Heart Compact Mirror, The Body Shop, $8; 5. Soft Striped Robe, Aerie, $30.04; 6. Push-Up Bra, H&M, $29.95

THE STYLISH SEDUCTRESS:  1. Pale Pink Trousers, H&M, $39.95; 2. Chain & Feather Necklace, Smart Set, $14; 3. Madison Quilted Chevron Bag, Coach, $398; 4. Diamond Rectangle Cluster Ring, Peoples Jewellers, $161.10; 5. Modalu London Wallet, Town Shoes,$95; 6. Florence & The Machine 'Ceremonials' CD, HMV, $12.99

I, like most of you, will always feel my heart go pitter-patter when presented with flowers, chocolate and champagne;  After all, they smell great, they look pretty and they're sweet little symbols that somebody really loves you.  Still, it's fun to get something a little unexpected on the big V-Day.  These gifts rank high in both romance & style, and whether you're a Hallmark-Holiday type of gal or not, who doesn't love lovely things?  

A big xo to you from all of us at White Oaks Mall.  We hope he takes your breath away, makes your heart skip a beat and makes you want to dance like nobody's watching (or something like that...)

Oh, and if you're a guy, this is one shopping list worth following.  You're welcome!