Pack it Up, Pack it In


If you're lucky enough to have a plane ticket burning a hole in your inbox, you're likely having a hard time focusing on the here and now.  As soon as a vacation looms, we daydream when we should be doing work, imagining the endless possibilities that a trip can bring;  exotic adventure, playful fun in the sun, and perhaps most importantly, time to just chill.  Aahhhh....

Whether you tote the kids along, party with thousands or head off on an urban adventure this spring, choose pieces that mix and match together, so you can pack light without sacrificing an ounce of style.  And for the stay-cationistas out there, remember this:  the warm weather is just around the corner, which means you can start your summer wardrobe planning now, too.   Phew!

Get totally set to jet with these tips from The CLOSET:

  • Pick pieces that travel well (ie. jerseys, light cotton blends, and wrinkle-free fabrics)
  • Choose neutral separates and add colour with small, easy-to-pack accessories
  • Bring the right shoes for wherever the wind takes you...a big-city adventure calls for comfy-chic shoes that you can walk in for hours, while sandals and wedges work best on the beach
  • Leave the ratty old baseball hat at home - a cute fedora or classic floppy straw hat look infinitely more elegant
  • Smart shades shield your eyes from the sun while giving your make-up free face an instant pick-me-up
  • Travel-sized (read:  airline approved) luxuries like frizz-free sprays, dry shampoos, and mini make-up brushes help you bring all the comforts of home without taking up valuable space in your carry-on and keep you looking fresh post-landing.  Hit up Sephora before you take off.

Bon voyage!