Black & White: 3 Ways


When it comes right down to it, Fashion is really just a big ol' commitment-phobe.  She struts around with her latest trend, showing it off to everyone and making if feel special and then BAM, her trend-du-jour is tossed to out to the curb with the rest of her cast-offs.  Harsh!  Call the style world fickle, call it commitment-phobic, but at least it's interesting, right?  

Though bright colours and pretty pastels have recently taken over, the spring runways were also punctuated with hits of graphic black and white, which added a modern message to couture and ready-to-wear collections. These looks stood out because of their stark simplicity, and made for a refreshing change of pace from the constant colour PDAs.  The good news?  Unlike its colourful counterparts, black & white has a super long shelf-life.  A good pair of black pants or a great white shirt will last you from season to season, regardless of the current colour trend, so they will always be in style, will go with absolutely everything, and won't look dated by the time you get them home from the mall.   On days when you need a palette cleanser, b&w always does the trick.

Head-to-toe black (and head-to-toe white, for that matter) will always look chic, but this season, try wearing them together for a totally modern look.  Add a great black belt and killer black pumps to a white eyelet dress, go sporty with sleek, graphic separates, or navigate your urban jungle in a zebra-print frock - when it comes to black & white, there are loads of ways to get it right.  Luckily, this is one union that will actually last for the long haul.  You see?  Maybe Fashion isn't quite so fickle after all...