Bright Pants: 3 Ways

Once upon a time, pants came in black, grey or khaki.  Colour was reserved for t-shirts, blouses and sometimes shoes, but pants?  Never!  Old school of thought taught us that hips were meant to be hidden, not highlighted; that the party should stay on top while bottoms had to stay super serious.   Lately, a seismic shift has rocked the style scene and bright pants now swing happily from the racks, providing some colour competition to tops everywhere.

While some of us have fully embraced the change, others are still hesitant.  Black is more forgiving and dark wash denim much more practical, but if you find yourself stuck in a style rut, nothing will get you out of it faster than bright bottoms.  

Take a deep breath, pick your favourite colour, then follow these helpful little tips:

  • Start Slow - Find a pant in a forgiving cut and let that be your standout piece by keeping everything else neutral.  Pair your bright bottoms with a crisp white blouse, striped bateau tee or chambray shirt, plus tan or black accents to let your pants steal the spotlight. (See 'Neutral Territory')
  • Add in More Colours - Head-to-toe brights are daring but easy, as long as you stick with solids in the same intensity.  An oversized statement necklace in a bright colour will draw eyes upwards, a great trick if you're self-conscious about your hips or thighs (See ' Colour Block')
  • Throw in Pattern - Once you've gotten comfortable with bright pants, add a fun patterned blouse to the mix.  Make sure that your pants match part of your shirt for a beautifully coordinated look, then pick a diffferent colour out of your blouse for accessories. (See 'Matchy Matchy')
  • Know Your Body - Skinny jeans are most flattering on lean and lanky girls while bootcut or straight-legged jeans flatter more curvy figures.  Similarly, darker brights like cobalt blues and greens are more forgiving than light brights like neon yellow or pink.  Luckily, bright pants are now available in loads of colours AND cuts for every body.