Summer Lovin'

Models Sunbathing... by Nina Leen for LIFE  - source:

Summer has arrived and with it comes a decidedly more chilled-out, laid-back 'tude.  Deadlines? To that I say shmeadlines!  You want to hand that project in a day late because last night's mojitos did you in? Fine! Noooo problem. You skipped washing your hair because yesterday's trip to Port Stanley gave you the perfect beachy waves? Awesome.  Still, there's a fine line in the sand between chilling and schlepping, especially when it comes to your summer wardrobe.  The key to easy style?  Find pretty pieces that you can throw on at a moment's notice so that no matter what fly-by-the-seat-of-your-bikini-bottoms adventures await, you'll always be wardrobe ready.   Now back to my seaside chaise.  Fine, I'm on a rollie chair in my office with an ocean view screensaver, but one can always dream...

Here are 25 essential pieces for a super chic summer: