London Calling

All photos courtesy The Bay

I'm not super skilled when it comes to team sports. Growing up, my dad (a former football coach), did his best to teach my sister and I how to throw the perfect spiral and skilfully employ a baseball glove but somehow, I'd always end up doing cartwheels in the field or distractedly picking flowers.  Ooh, pretty... Maybe it was the costumes (okay, definitely it was the costumes) but I passed over sticks, pucks and balls in favour of tutus and pointe shoes.  Though dance is incredibly physical and it gave (past tense) me some rocking calf muscles, it was the theatricality of it all, the feeling of performing in front of a crowd that really drew me in.  At University, I thought I wanted to pursue a career in the dance world so I even got my degree in Kinesiology at Western. Waste. Of. Money. Ahemm..did I just say that out loud? But then in 3rd year, I went on exchange to France and at that point, I knew I wanted to pursue fashion as a career so I could avoid all the physical stuff altogether and skip right to dressing up.  Brilliant!  Now I get my kicks from workout videos (Tracy Anderson because she trains Gwyneth Paltrow), swimming (cute bikinis), shopping (seriously...have you ever had to carry 11 bags all over the city to style a TV shoot? I'm telling's like the Iron Man), and playing with my kids (because it's fun).

Despite my athletic shortcomings, I get giddy as a girl in a sample sale when the Olympics are on.  The athletes' personal stories are better than any reality show, the mad, mad skills of the athletes are jaw-droppingly unbelievable, and that feeling of pride I feel every time I see a Canadian on the podium? Unbeatable.  The London 2012 Olympics start this Friday and I can't wait to get into it all, from the comfort of my couch of course ;)

If you haven't indulged in a little Olympic Canadiana yet, head on over to the Bay to get suited up.  As the Official Canadian Olympic Team Outfitter, HBC has stylish Olympic finds for the whole family (and a lot of it is currently on sale, btw).  Goooo Canada! Let the games begin! x