I Like to Move It, Move It

Jane Fonda, workout queen of the glorious '80s - photo nearlyvintage.tumblr.com

It wasn't all that long ago that spandex was invented.  The revolutionary fiber of the 60s, spandex moved with our bodies, giving us the freedom to stretch, lunge and squat like never before. But with freedom comes responsibility, and that's where the 80's really crossed the line. Think neon bike shorts, legwarmers, MC Hammer gym rat pants, and stretchy headbands to keep crimped hair at bay while we sweated to the oldies. And possibly (no, definitely) worst of all, the THONG BODYSUIT worn over the bike short.  Yup.  I remember my mom faithfully going to Jazzercise while I daydreamed about being a 'Get in Shape Girl', donning my super cool ankle weights and wrist warmers while I perfected my running man.  Good times.

Luckily, workout wear has gotten a lot prettier and instead of hindering our ability to get in shape, is actually designed to help us get physical without looking ridiculous (case in point: the thong bodysuit).  The new crop of activewear is seamless, stretchy and breathable.   The sports bras not only support us (literally) while we run but instead of feeling like a compression boob-bandage, actually flatter our feminine physique. And the shoes? Well, there are millions of cool pairs for every type of athlete, whether you're a low-impact kinda lady or someone who Jillian Michaels' her way through every hardcore drill.  You go girl!  Don't hurt me.

I can't help you hit your goals (I'm too busy trying to reach my own) but these fitness finds just might give you that extra boost you need to hit the treadmill.  (And if the gym just isn't your thing, I highly recommend the Zumba and celeb-endorsed Tracy Anderson DVD's. Love!)  

Good luck, ladies! Looking good, as they say, is half the battle x

ps - if you have 7 minutes, this video is highly entertaining. and yes, this was real. Scroll to the bottom for more.  I think I just lost 5 lbs from laughing so hard