Fall's Top Pastel Picks. Really.

Pretty in pink in the Oct '13 issue of Marie Claire UK. Photo by Patric Shaw.

Fashion is a lot like life. Once you think you've got it all figured out, as soon as you feel comfortable somewhere, something inevitably comes along and spins you around. The lesson (in life, and fashion), is to not let the hurricane of change paralyze you. It's about getting back up and facing the next challenge head on because if you don't, 20 years will fly by and there you'll sit, Jennifer Aniston circa Friends-era hair and tacky '90s pumps intact. This has happened to so many great people - please don't let it happen to you.

For Fall '13, the big colour story is all about lightening up. While pastels have historically been a spring thing, designers threw us for a loop, sending soft pinks, powder blues and minty greens down the fall runways. Forget everything you thought you knew about colour; here's how to incorporate this very current trend into your wardrobe right now:

1) Start with a canvas of black, grey or navy. All 3 neutrals are classics on their own but also provide the perfect dark backdrop for fall's pastels.

2) Invest in a few leather (or faux-leather) pieces - a cinched-waist flouncy skirt, a moto bomber, or a pair of leather-panelled leggings - to add some instant edge to the sugary sweet palette.

3) Incorporate your old summer pastels into your look right now or, if you're in the market for some new finds, see my fav pastel picks below. Pink is the #1 colour of the season but I'm loving the powder blues, minty greens and soft yellows, too.

There. Consider yourself updated. See how easy that was?