Friday Find: A Fan Fave


Nike San Francisco 49ers Frank Gore Jersey, $139.99, SportChek

Even though my dad was a football coach and my husband a highschool football player, I'm not going to pretend I knew who was playing in this Sunday's Super Bowl before I wrote this post.  And I'm definitely not going to pretend that I had a clue who Frank Gore is.  Well, apparently he's awesome.  And if you want to be the best girlfriend/wife/significant on the planet to your special football fan this weekend, might want to pick him up a little something emblazoned with his fave team, be it the 49ers or the Ravens. Try SportChek or Logo Sports to stock up.  And in the event all of the NFL paraphenaelia is sold out, just fyi, the 49ers are red and the Ravens are purple, so at the very least, you can scour the racks for a little something to get in the spirit.  Phew, glad we got that sorted out.

More importantly, though, you heard Beyonce is doing the half time show, right? No idea who's going to win the game, but my girl B's going to kill it. Love her.  Football? Meh.