Hips Don't Lie

A model on the runway at Charlotte Ronson's spring 2013 show in The Stage at Lincoln Center. Photo source: Fairchild Photo Services

Type-casting is a dangerous thing.  Take Ben Affleck;  when he first came on the scene, he was Hollywood's golden boy.  The kid had talent (decent acting abilities and an Academy Award for co-writing Good Will Hunting), loads of charm, and the tall/dark/handsome looks to match.  Pretty soon, Hollywood had him spray-tanned, teeth-whitened and bootcamp buffed straight into Leading Man status. Armaggedon, Pearl Harbor and even a Gwyneth Paltrow score followed and Ben was raking in the box-office dough. Then, Gigli happened. Suddenly, Ben had gone from promising young thespian to sell-out. He started dating J.Lo (or was it Jenny from the Block?) and a string of forgettable Jersey-Girl-esque films followed. It took the poor guy nearly 10 years to do damage control, during which time he married Jennifer Garner and had 3 perfect little kids. Wah. Wah. Wahhh. Seemed like this acting thing wasn't going to work out. Then, out of nowhere, dude co-produced, directed and acted his way back to Oscar gold with Argo. Boo-yah! In true full circle fashion, Ben Affleck is Hollywood's golden boy once again. We so did not see that one coming...

The peplum is kind of like the Ben Affleck of fashion (it's a stretch, we know)  When it first came on the scene a few seasons back, everyone swooned. It was so pretty, so different, so daring.  Then people got nervous; they loved it in theory but wondered if it was really their thing.  The peplum was typecast into made-for-serious-stylistas-only territory - so nice to look at but so difficult to work with, so difficult to pull off.  Well, I'm here to tell you that the peplum is here to stay.  Luckily for us, designers have fine-tuned the peplum to be much more wearable for Spring '13, allowing all of us to rock it.  I think you'll find that it's shockingly versatile - and it's going to make you love it if it's the last thing it does. 

Here are 3 wearable ways to rock peplums this spring. And unlike Ben Affleck, you can actually take them home with you. 

WORK: Peplum Top, $90, Club Monaco; Leather iPad Clutch, $178, Coach; Sterling Silver Ring, $99, People's Jewellers; Pencil Skirt, $140, Club Monaco; Ankle-Strap Pump, $80, ALDO; Polka-Dot iPhone Case, $38, Coach; Printed Glasses, $12, ALDO Accessories

CHILL: DKNYC Peplum Blouse, $79, The Bay; Selima Sunglasses, $145, Club Monaco; Neon Link Bracelet, $14, Smart Set; 1969 Always Skinny Jeans, $80, Gap; Studded Sneakers, $60, ALDO; SEPHORA by OPI Trend Tips, $14, Sephora; Fisherman Mac Jacket, $95, Gap

PLAY: I.N.C International Concepts Striped Peplum, $79, The Bay; Lauren Leather Jacket, $388, Roots; B&W Bracelets, $15, ALDO Accessories; Super Skinny Zip Pants, $60, Gap; Leather Booties, $120, ALDO; NARS Lipstick in 'Schiap', $30, Sephora; Faux Leather Clutch, $20, Smart Set; Cat-Eye Shades, $12, ALDO