Turn it Up: Our Festival Essentials

Photo courtesy American Eagle Outfitters

There is nothing better than really good music. Still, I can never get over how what turns us on, musically I mean, can be so different for each person. While one of my best friends gets chills from country crooners, the lyrics just make me laugh. As for me, well, let's just say I'm eclectic. My dad worked at a classic rock and oldies station, so I know every lyric to everything from The Beatles to Abba. Meanwhile, my mom was a classical guru so at home, it was Mozart and Saint Saens all the way. In highschool my friends and I listened to Snoop and anything Top 40 but in University, my roommate was obsessed with Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. Imagine getting blasted out of bed by that at 8 am every day. Um, good morning? Right now I'm on a Brit kick, with Rita Ora, Emili Sandé and Ben Howard on constant rotation. While I don't think I'll ever 'get' country, I'll never say never b/c I can't argue that Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood do put out some pretty wicked tunes. 

For festival goers, it's all about the music but it's also ALL about the clothes, and festival fashion has officially reached a fever pitch now that the outdoor concert season is in full swing. Whether you're still recovering from Coachella or are planning your trip to Osheaga or Bonnaroo, we've found some of the cutest festival gear at White Oaks Mall to help you look the part at your next music fest. And no matter what you're wearing, don't be afraid to let the music move you. Dance, as they say, like nobody's watching. Scroll down for a crash course - this guy certainly didn't let his outfit (or lack thereof) stop him..hee xx