It's Easy Being Green

A gem-encrusted blazer from the Conscious Collection at H&M - photo courtesy H&M

While I used to think of earth-friendly fashion as bland, basic and usually quite blah, the new crop of eco-fashion is anything but. Here are some of my favourite environmentally-friendly lines available at White Oaks Mall, proving it’s actually easy (and quite chic) being green.

1)  H&M Conscious Collection

We can always count on H&M to be at the forefront of fashion and social trends. For Spring, H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection brings old Hollywood glamour to life with its covetable lineup of richly detailed party frocks and other cute A-list looks. As with previous Conscious efforts, the line is made up of sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Tencel. Okay, so now I just need a red carpet...

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2) Josie Maran Cosmetics at Sephora

Josie Maran is super gorgeous both inside and out.  While the supermodel was pregnant, she began searching for cosmetics that would be safe for her baby. When she couldn’t find any up to snuff, she decided to start her own line (because that’s how she rolls) called Josie Maran Cosmetics, featuring pure, natural cosmetics in a covetable array of colours. The formulas are packed with botanical ingredients, and housed in recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Our favourite? The 100% Pure Argan Oil which Josie swears is her number #1 beauty secret. Um, I’ll have what she’s having...

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3) TOMS Shoes

TOMS was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, after a trip to Argentina where he saw people living in extreme poverty and children walking without shoes.  Blake started TOMS Shoes with the commitment to match every pair of TOMS purchased with a new pair given to a child in need. Hence, the ‘One for One’ slogan. “I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of the South American people, especially those who had so little,” Mycoskie said. “And I was instantly struck with the desire — the responsibility — to do more.”

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4) Titika Activewear

I love Titika’s chic line of activewear - sure - but am especially impressed by the company’s celebration of a peaceful, balanced lifestyle. Titika prides itself on being globally reponsible, environmentally friendly and community focused. As for this community? Head to the Titika store this Friday, April 26th for an all-day VIP party and score 25% off your purchase. And starting this Sunday, April 28th, Titika will be offering free Pilates classes every Sunday at 10 am at White Oaks Mall.

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5) Jonathan Adler On-the-Go Mugs at Hudson's Bay

When I need my daily coffee/tea/caffeine fix, I rely on reusable travel mugs since I hate the idea of throwing away so many disposable cups. As a stylist, I’m always on the lookout for a mug that’ll help me act environmentally responsible while still looking great. Jonathan Adler’s chic porcelain coffee mugs come with their own silicone lid and sleeve and come in an array of super-stylish prints.  365 fewer cups to the landfill. A year’s worth of envious stares in the Starbucks line. Win. Win.

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6) The Body Shop

Few companies are as epically ethical as The Body Shop, with their multi-faceted approach to being kind to our planet. Not only has The Body Shop never tested on animals (like, ever), but they also source their ingredients from Community Fair Trade suppliers, helping local artisan farmers and communities around the world.  Recently, the company has committed to planting and protecting trees used in packaging and replacing store lighting with LED lightbulbs. I could go on and on, but you get the pretty picture.

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7) Ten Tree Apparel

After a $100,000 score on CBC’s Dragons' Den (scroll down for their winning pitch), Ten Tree Apparel has taken off. As the name suggests, the company plants ten trees for every item purchased, allowing the customer to look great while making a real difference to our planet. But it doesn’t stop there - Ten Tree keeps the local economy and the ecosystem in mind when it comes to manufacturing, sourcing, and shipping, and the garments themselves are made from a variety of sustainable materials including cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp. Pretty impressive for three twenty-somethings from Regina...

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8) Roots

Long before being green was considered cool, Roots was committed to our planet. The company believes in eco-responsible practices, whether it’s making products out of organic and sustainable fabric, financially backing environmental organizations or reducing waste and packaging (they were one of the first retailers  to offer reusable shopping bags). The store has always been proudly Canadian but now that we know how kind they are to our planet, we’re extra proud that they’re Canadian, too.

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