Feeling Blue

Photo courtesy H&M

What is it they say, 'If you think it, it will come,' or something like that...

Well, I don't know about you but I'm thinking about summer and I subscribe to the philosophy of dressing for the season, even if The Weather Network disagrees. Once I've put away my winter coats, they're away for the next 5 months. Once I've stopped wearing socks, it's pedicure time from here on out. People might stare at my bare legs and sandals in the middle of a mid-May hailstorm but you know what I say to them? Stare all you want, I am not, repeat NOT, going back to tights and winter boots. Fuhgeddaboudit, donezo, screw you winter, we've had our fun, but I am more than ready for patios, sunhats, heatwaves and blasting A/C. Though Mother Nature might be waffling, I, for one, am fully committed to the hotness ahead and when the pavement sizzles, nothing cools me down quite like blue. I've always loved the serene colour in all of its many hues, reminiscent of crystal clear lakes, cloudless skies and a cold bottle of Blue (Light, please, it is almost swimsuit season...)  

Are you feeling blue like I am? Click on the thumbnails below to shop my favourite blue beauties from White Oaks Mall, from breezy cobalt dresses to easy striped espadrilles, perfect for shuffling to the pool and back again.  Sigh...doesn't it just make you want to dive right in?