What a Guy Wants

Photo via KULfoto #hee

While moms have to juggle jobs, homes and kids, the dads of today are in a similar boat. Not only do they have to keep their careers but over the years, dads have had to learn some skills that aren't really part of their manly DNA. Case in point: the ponytail. Ever watched a dad try to figure that one out? The poor guy usually ends up with a slingshot elastic to the cornea and your 4 year-old walks out the door as Cousin Itt. Men might not fold laundry as neatly or kiss a bruised knee quite as tenderly as moms but here's the thing - dads usually have way more fun doing it.  Bedsheets from the dryer transform into spooky ghosts in a haunted mansion and the simple act of putting a bandaid on a tiny cut turns into a full throttle imaginary emergency room, with helicopters whirring and ambulances speeding in to save the day. Because when it comes right down to it, most dads, no matter the age, are just little kids trapped in big bodies. This Father's Day, spoil him with something fun, whether it's toys for the gym, house or great outdoors and indulge his inner kid. See the slideshow below for my top gift picks from White Oaks Mall.

We love you, Dads, bad ponytail skills and all. Happy Father's Day! x


The Good SPORT: P90X2 Set, $139.99, Showcase; Adidas Squad Duffel Bag, $44.99, SportChek; Dual Grip Medicine Ball, $29.97, Walmart; New Balance Minimus Runners, $119.99, SportChek; Flip-Flops, $19.95, Gap; Nike Legend Dri-Fit Tee, $29.99, SportChek

The Fun DAD: Straw Fedora, $34.95, Gap; Soda Stream Source, $149.99, Hudson's Bay; ARTS & CRAFTS X CD, $13.99, Sunrise Records; Beats Studio Headphones, $329.99, The Source; Tortoise Sunglasses, $25, Le Château; Handy Dad by Todd Davis, Walmart; Men's Vintage Sneakers, $228, Roots; Lived-In Slim Khaki, $59.95, Gap

The Manly MAN: Fossil Watch, $175, Hudson's Bay; Black & Decker 20V Drill, $99.98, Walmart; Mikasa Brewmaster Set, $80, Hudson's Bay; Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Set, $53.99, Sunrise Records; Weber Q220 Portable Gas Grill, $249.99, Hudson's Bay; Marshall Headphones, $129.99, Sunrise Records; Gastro Grilling by Ted Reader, $29, Walmart

The 'Luke, I Am Your' FATHER: G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad, $80, Hudson's Bay; Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown, $14.95, Spencer's; Storm Trooper Bathrobe, $99.99, Sunrise Records; Star Wars Tee, $29.95, Gap; Star Wars Death Star Bottle Opener, $19.99, Sunrise Records; X-Wing Ice Tray, $15.99, Sunrise Records; Bushnell Deep Space Refractor Telescope, $64.99, The Source

The Perfect CATCH: Topo Daypack, $98, Club Monaco; Black Brown Ikat Shorts, $24.99, Hudson's Bay; HBC Collection Swiss Army, $35, Hudson's Bay; Webbing Belt, $23.99, Gap; Canvas Boat Shoe, $50, Call It Spring; Rapala Rod & Reel, $108, Walmart; Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses, $199.95, Sunglass Hut; Fishing Tee, $14.95, H&M