Friday Find: Floppies and Fedoras

Photo courtesy Gap

Why is it that on vacation, no matter what the weather, fun hats are such an essential part of our wardrobe? In our relaxed state of mind, OTT floppy hats and playful fedoras seem so at home on our heads, but at home? Not so much. I mean, how many times have you thought about wearing a hat and then taken it off? I can't explain it - maybe it just doesn't feel very Canadian, or maybe it's a short supply of margaritas (#tragic) but whatever the reason, let's all commit to wearing more hats this summer. Not only will they protect our faces from the sun's rays but let's face it: hats are super cool. Just look at Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts or Reese Witherspoon who regularly rock hats for some celeb inspiration.

I for one am going to go incognito with a good mojito in these wicked hats from Gap. I'm loving the ombré effect floppies and the brightly-hued fedoras, perfect for adding the cherry on top to any summer look. Aren't they pretty? xx

Ombre Floppy Hats and Straw Fedoras, $29.95, Gap (in stores early next week)