The 10 Fall Pieces to Pick Up Now


The Item: Leather Backpack, $199, Danier

Why We Love It: You know you've missed them. Remember the cute mini ones from Roots? That nylon one from university? So practical yet you wouldn't have been caught dead with one in the last decade. Well, the backpack is back with a vengeance. Pair it with a denim jacket or vest and you'll still be the coolest kid at school (or at least at drop off).


The Item: Buckled Flat Boot, $160, ALDO

Why We Love It: You know you haven't truly opened the floodgates on fall shopping until you've finally brought home that pair of perfect boots. Last year's riding boot isn't entirely out to pasture, but all the hipsters are taking a page from Taylor Swift and the other PYT's and pairing deconstructed boots with a great boot sock and short skirt, or even better, a great little lace dress and military jacket. Aviators, naturally, are a must. 


The Item: 1969 Camo Front-Zip Always Skinny Jeans, $79.95, Gap

Why We Love It: Covering pants, dresses, even smoking slippers - camouflage is certainly not trying to hide itself this fall. Like animal prints of seasons past, too much is definitely not a good thing but a great piece combined with black, white, navy, or denim says who's the boss. We know who's in charge here, but there's no harm in a subtle reminder…

The Item: Dolce & Gabbana Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $265, Sunglass Hut

Why We Love It: Everybody is doing it; Cat eyes that is. A little feline upturn at the corners is a pretty homage to the 50's. A great pair of shades means no need for make up when you're too busy to bother. Remember: never ever listen to your frugal inner self when questioning a great pair of sunglasses. 

The Item: Faux Leather Skirt, $29.95, H&M

Why We Love It: Nothing makes your middle look slimmer than a cinched waist. The long and short of it is that this style works both long and short, whether mini or the new midi length. Great tights and sleek turtlenecks or fitted shirts add balance to the smartly embellished bottom half. 

The Item: Madison Madeline East/West Satchel, $458, Coach

Why We Love It: Fall is a great time to invest in a new bag. I mean, when ISN'T a good time to invest in a new bag? Structured totes are earning A's all over the place. They say "take me seriously - I could in fact have a tablet in here to do WORK with" - or they could just look super polished for a lunch date. 

The Item: Delaine Moto Jacket, $595, Club Monaco

Why We Love It: Pink flatters absolutely everyone - men included. Find your perfect pink and make it your plus one for fall. With all this military inspiration, it's the perfect hue to soften up your look and remind people that you're not all drill sergeant. Scarf, sweater or bag - no matter how you infuse your wardrobe with pink, you really can't go wrong. 

The Item: Studded Hem Sweatshirt, $39.95, H&M

Why We Love It: You didn't think you could ever get away with (or want to get away with) studded clothing - as intrigued as you secretly were by the Bedazzler. The great news for Fall 2013 is that you are well within your fashion rights to embrace your inner biker without investing in the whole Harley. Studded finds are showing up everywhere, and no one is calling the fashion police. A great studded cuff or pair of flats will also keep you on the right side of the law, but still feel like a total rebel.

The Item: Cap-Toe Pumps, $69.99, Vince Camuto at Town Shoes

Why We Love It: No need to blush. We've all read the book and if we took away nothing else from its X-rated storyline, we do seem to be obsessed with, well, the colour grey! Far from boring, grey is the perfect compliment to almost any other hue and makes red, blue, yellow, orange or pink pop. 


The Item: Love Bracelet, $10, Call It Spring 

Why We Love It: One look at Lanvin's Fall '13 accessories and we were smitten - Alber Elbaz's loud, youthful extras emblazoned with words like 'Happy' and 'Love' are an easy way to keep the fun of summer alive long after Labour Day. Since we can't afford the Lanvin, we'll take this cute bracelet from Call It Spring instead.