This One's for the Kids (and the Moms Who Shop for Them)

A fun pic from the H&M Fall '13 Kids' Campaign - photo courtesy H&M

We don't like to say those three words, I know. Still, something we've been avoiding all month long is just around the corner, ready to hit us with teachers, books and earlier-than-we'd-like alarm bells. So, what's the silver lining? The gear of course! It's the one thing that makes the end of summer totally bearable - the prospect of getting some super cute new clothes to replace our old summer ones.

Since we have so many amazing kids' stores here at White Oaks Mall, I can't think of a better time to show off some of the adorable things in stores now. Whether you've got kids of your own, a niece or nephew, or maybe you're a grade-schooler yourself, I've shopped the racks to put together my favourite finds. I've found the prettiest skirts and dresses, the coolest hipster glasses for little ones, and of course, the fiercest backpacks that'll get them to and from school in style. 

Click on the thumbnails below to check out some of the best back-to-school finds for 2013. Happy shopping! xo