Friday Find: The Prettiest Earrings


My sis, all blinged out in her new Bella earrings. 

When it comes to earrings, I'm way more studly than dangly. I love oversized rings, stacks of bracelets and massive statement necklaces but for some reason, big earrings just don't work for me. But then my older sis told me to try on the famed Swarovski Bellas, favoured by celebs like Blake Lively and Emma Roberts. I was a little skeptical but the minute I put them up to my face, I saw what all the fuss was about. They're big (but not too big), crazy-pretty sparkly, and at $85, they're a justifiable treat for a job well done. I don't exactly know what I did to deserve them but, um, thanks? Worth every penny.

Pick up your Bella earrings now ($85/pair), at Swarvoski by Elegant Goldsmiths