Your Fall '13 Denim Guide


Dree Hemingway and her boyfriends for Gap Fall '13 - photo via Gap

I have a confession to make: I haven't bought 'normal' jeans in years. I've picked up pairs upon pairs of brights and pastels in practically every colour and printed skinnies, too, but standard issue jeans? Nope. Not since I splurged on a pair of Sevens almost 7 years ago. Blame it on my job (the occupational hazard of always wanting the newest, latest trend) and having a few kids along the way, but I guess I've somehow forgotten my roots - or at least the roots of every girl's wardrobe. 

So, I finally pulled out my old jeans that have been hiding away in my closet and since I'm too embarassed to show you a pic, let me break it down for you. Super low rise, old-school bootcut from the front and from the back? OMG, enormous. It's like the pockets forgot they were pockets and had instead morphed into massive magnifying glasses for my bum. The rearview offenders were promptly tossed into a giveaway bag (ha! that'll show 'em), leaving room for a few new (much more flattering) pairs to take their place.

Ready for new jeans but not exactly sure where to start? I've sorted through the piles of denim out there, from ultra-distressed jeans to the coolest new denim jackets, to bring you right up-to-speed for Fall '13. Scroll through the slideshow below for my top denim picks from White Oaks Mall: