4 Ways to Wear Your Summer Clothes This Fall

Our Junior Blogger Contest Winner, Jennifer Shorten, has style in spades. Here, she shows us how to take our summer pieces and transition them right into fall. How great is that?!

Saying goodbye to summer is difficult. The only real cure, of course, is a full day of therapeutic fall shopping. Although summer has come to a close, that doesn’t mean your love affair with those effortless summer pieces are over, too. You know the ones I’m talking about - those pieces you had that could be thrown on over a bathing suit and you were ready for anything. Although the weather is changing, your favourite pieces should be by your side all year round. Here are some fun ways to take your go-to summer pieces and transition them into trendy fall looks, with a little help from White Oaks Mall.

Skirt: H&M, Shoes 1: The Bay, Shoes 2: Call It Spring, Blouse: Urban Behaviour, Cardigan: Urban Behaviour, Tights: Hudson's Bay

1. The Circle Skirt

The circle skirt has really been the must-have skirt of 2013. The silhouette is flattering for most body types; with the skirt resting just at the waist, it gives the appearance of a smaller figure. I spent all summer in this skirt paired with various graphic tees. This look transfers so well for fall with the help of a blouse to add some interest, a cardigan for some extra warmth, some sleek black tights, and finished with some cute black heeled booties to blend into the tights and elongate the legs. Finish it off with a thin waist belt to pull it all together, and you are ready for fall.

Capri Pant: Urban Behaviour, Jacket: H&M, Shoes: ALDO, Blouse: Urban Behaviour, Vest: H&M 

2. The Distressed Capri Pant

I’m starting to lose track of what rips are meant to be there and what ones I made myself from wear after wear. These capris were a staple of mine this summer which I usually paired up with a casual top or even a blouse. To make them last for fall, I paired them with this great H&M military jacket to contrast the distressed denim while keeping my legs warm with a scrunched up pair of socks with my ankle boots. I topped it off with a casual beanie to finish off this fashion-forward yet laid back look.

Dress: H&M, Plaid Button-Down: West 49, Hat: Call It Spring, Embellished Sweatshirt: H&M, Collar Studs: ALDO 

3. The T-Shirt Dress

Through thick and thin, this dress has been there for me. As the perfect throw-on dress, I have loved and layered it as if it’s my own... which it is. On hot summer days it was perfect as a beach cover-up or even a stand-alone piece but for fall, it’s all about the layering. I layered a plaid shirt over this dress and added a baggy sweatshirt over top letting the edges of the button-down peek through. For some extra edge I added some spiked collar tips with a connecting chain to finish it off.

Maxi Skirt: H&M, Crop Top: H&M, Necklace: H&M, Striped Long Sleeve: Hudson's Bay, Acid Wash Jacket: H&M, Shoes: Call It Spring, Scarf: H&M, Lipstick: Sephora Colour - It Girl  

4. The Maxi Skirt 

The maxi skirt by definition is effortlessly chic, but don’t quote me on that. This maxi by H&M is by far my favourite because of the two sheer panels and mini skirt underneath. It’s perfect for those who are interested in trying a maxi skirt but are afraid to commit. This summer I wore this skirt with crop tops galore - it’s perfect because it hides the summer junk food stomach while accentuating those beach walking legs. But for fall we need a little more coverage so I paired this look with a black and white striped long sleeve top, and an acid wash motorcycle jacket. My new favourite colour for fall is Blood Orange. This scarf from H&M adds the perfect pop of colour and paired with this beautiful Sephora lip stick, makes this look a total knock-out.

So goodbye summer! Fall, full speed ahead! Stay creative and stay chic!