FRIDAY FIND | A Stylish Seatmate

Wait for it...

Ta-daa! Hockey Mom Seat Pad, $48, Roots

Men's Wayne Hockey Tee, $30, Roots

I'm not going to pretend for a second that I'm a hockey fan. But if and when my four year-old son ever starts to play the game, you can bet that I'll be there, cheering right along with the other hockey moms, tears streaming down my ice cold face, believing that this, as they've said all along, is the greatest game in the world.  

Fine, let's be honest. I'd rather he got into soccer (so much warmer, no?) but I know many hockey moms who would go crazy for this cute hockey mom seatpad. And in case the husbands feel left out, Roots has a great mix of fun hockey tees for them, too. For the hockey superfan, I can't think of a more perfect gift. Except for maybe a flask. Kidding. You're going to spend hours (and hours and hours) in that arena - might as well be properly prepared. 

Oh, and by the way, Roots is 25% off the entire store today, so now's the perfect time to buy. See all of the amazing Black Friday deals happening at White Oaks Mall here. Good luck out there, y'all!