BRIGHT IDEA: Rock Colour This Fall

Photo courtesy GAP

The cold weather hits and suddenly, we're a mass of black - heads down, all angsty looking. In a word: depressing. And I'm definitely guilty of putting away most of my brights for winter, too. Sure, I'm in fashion so it's practically a job requirement to have a bright coat here and a shocking accessory there but if I'm honest, it's mostly black. All. The. Time. 

So, I'm fighting against it this season. Not because it's particularly on trend, or because it's what any style expert said we should do. But because I'm in New York this week and against the backdrop of all the buildings and pavement and black-clad people, I can't stop staring at all of those bright yellow NYC cabs.

Let's be honest - you can never go wrong with neutrals (more on that later), but here are 40 bright and happy finds to pop on anytime you're feeling blah this fall. Oh, and I've included loads of gorgeous reds to take you right into the holidays, too.