FRIDAY FIND: Luxe be a Lady


Photo via H&M

Anyone else notice how once November hits, calendars start running out of room? From work parties to family get-togethers, the upcoming holiday season is always packed with excuses to dress up. And while I'll always love a great cocktail dress, they can feel high-maintenance. I mean, worrying about the state of your arms and stomach, especially this time of year, is one extra stress nobody needs. My solution? A super soft sweater paired up with a ladylike skirt. It's easy, it's pretty, and you're guaranteed to look unique in a crowd of little black frocks. Plus, these two pieces from H&M keep your holiday look under $100 so you can keep your budget in check, too. I know it's early but it's never too early to share something this cute. 

Happy Friday! Um, did we ever get this many PD Days?