Colour Trend Report: Our Fav Radiant Orchid Finds

Pantone's official 2014 Colour of the Year is...drumroll...Radiant Orchid. 

When Pantone announced 2014's Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid, along with other top colours like the softer Violet Tulip and Mauve Mist, I'll admit I was disappointed. Between Barney and Hank's klepto wife on Breaking Bad, purple has always just felt flaky to me. But the thing with the Colour of the Year is that someone always finds a way to make it look really great. And the more I've scoped it out, the more really beautiful looks I've found. While I doubt that purple will ever be my fav colour (and I'm certain that I will never condone Barney), I've discovered some gorgeous combos that will bring purple to brilliant new heights in your spring ensembles:

  • Try Radiant Orchid with crisp white and soft grey. Add silver accessories. Done.
  • Channel rockstar chic like Marc by Marc Jacobs by teaming purple with black.Bonus points if you dare to add a little red to the mix. Leather accents are the perfect extra to finish off the look.
  • Go for head-to-toe pastels. Purple pairs beautifully with bright sunny yellow, grassy green or other softer shades like apricot or pink. If you dare to go monochrome, try mixing Radiant Orchid with a soft shade of lavender for a pretty, decidedly girly mix.

So step aside Emerald Green, and welcome to the club Radiant Orchid. I think we're going to get along just fine...