MOM LOVE: A Gift Guide

Model mom, Natalia Vodianova, in a sweet editorial for Vogue. I've had a few people ask why Natalia is not wearing pants - it's because she's wearing a bathing suit and wellies with her Chanel jacket. I mean, a fashion mom has to be sartorially prepared for every possible occasion, including random rainstorms, spontaneous family pool parties and high tea, too. I love fashion. Photo: Vogue.

When I had my first baby, it took me some time before I felt like a mom. I mean, I definitely felt like a mother when instead of being at a club at 1 am, I paced the floors with an inconsolable newborn. And I certainly felt the full depths of motherhood when on a grocery run for diapers, I realize I already had one stuck to my leg. While those first months of momdom are as unselfish as they come, I still just wasn't on board with the whole 'all you need is love' mentality, gift-wise. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing more amazing than the love of your children, from the smiles and giggles to those rare quiet moments when your beautiful baby is sleeping. But at first, I didn't understand how my mom could have been so genuinely thrilled when we'd give her scraps of scribbled-on paper for her birthday. Now my kids are 3 and 5 and I have to admit, nothing gets me more excited than when my kids come home from school with a homemade card that they've thought up just for me. The tears flow, I get all snivelly (just like I thought I never would) and I cannot possibly imagine a more perfect gift.

Except for those times when you've had months of sub-par sleep, zero breaks from the toddler tyrants who take, take, take ALL. THE. TIME. and then, despite all that glorious love you feel for your little ones, then you want stuff. Like, pretty, impractical, no-kids-allowed stuff that make you feel more like a woman than a mom. Just me? Hee hee.

This Mother's Day, give her something just for her - whether she's the free-spirited adventuress who pond hops with abandon or the type of mom who prefers to chill at home with a great flick and a perfect cappuccino. Oh, but don't forget that homemade card - it really is the very best part. Sniff.