15 Stylish Summer Updates

Because she's happy...Photo courtesy Smart Set

It's amazing how little it takes to feel refreshed and renewed. Take an amazing new pair of shoes - I've seen them take me from depressed to elated in 5 seconds flat. Add a handbag to the mix and I feel like a new person - a more stylish, more organized, more grown-up version of me. I'm not going to pretend that shopping changes the world, but it can certainly change your world, especially after the epic hibernation we've experienced this past winter.

If you're finally ready to get out there and update your wardrobe for the new season, I've got the perfect finds for you. From the wearable crop top (really!), to the shoes you'll love to choose, read on for the stylish summer updates you can start wearing now. I don't know about you but I feel happier already...


1. The Pastel Bomber

How to Wear It: You just never know what the day will bring - and by that I mean cold snaps, strong winds and chilly nights. Wear this pretty in pink moto bomber to make a sweet statement with your white jeans, midi skirts and all of your summer dresses. Note to self: You might want to avoid actual open-road trips with this beauty - you wouldn't want to scuff up something so pretty, would you?

Our Pick: Georgia Lamb Leather Biker, $199, Danier

2. The Beaded Party Clutch

How to Wear It: Wedding season is in full swing and with it, the chance to dress up. A beaded clutch looks right at home with your chic formal attire but we wouldn't hesitate to wear it during the day either. As they say, life's too short not to wear sparkle...

Our Pick: Gemstone Party Clutch, $50, ALDO Accessories

3. Distressed White Boyfriend Jeans

How to Wear Them: When you combine a warm weather staple like white jeans with the distressed cool of a pair of boyfriends, you end up with denim you'll live in all summer long. Wear these rolled up with your favourite heels or dress them down with a striped tee and pointy-toe flats.

Our Pick: 1969 Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, $79.95, GAP

4. The Striped Beach Dress

How to Wear It: Whether as a beautiful beach cover-up or for a weekend trip to the market, you can never go wrong with a striped dress. Wear this beauty with neutral sandals, a perfect pair of sunglasses (see below) and a fun fedora to finish of your easy-breezy summer look. 

Our Pick: Fringe Dress, $44, Aerie


5. The Floral Statement Necklace

How to Wear It: The biggest challenge with wearing a statement piece is just that: actually wearing it. If you hesitate to go bold and big with your accessories, summer is a great place to start. The pastel shades in this fun necklace are the perfect level of bright for the beginner.

Our Pick: Floral Necklace, $30, ALDO


6. The Peekaboo Shirt

How to Wear It: Want to show off some skin without exposing too much? A lacy peekaboo shirt like this one is subtly sexy for women of every age. Wear it under a navy or black suit at work, or with distressed denim on the weekend. 

Our Pick: Lace Blouse with Sheer Trims, $60, RW&CO.

7. The Pastel Bucket Bag

How to Wear It: The bucket bag is back (big time), but this isn't your mom's old drawstring bag. We love the lovely shades of pastel in Roots' new collection, perfect for adding a pretty pop of colour to your hot summer outfits. 

Our Pick: Verona Leather Bucket Bag, $328, Roots 


8. Not-Quite Cat-Eye Sunglasses

How to Wear Them: Cat-eyes are SO last summer. This season, go with interesting beyond-cat-eye shapes - think oversized frames, wide arms and cool finishes, from matte black to classic tortoiseshell.

Our Pick: Prada Oversized Sunglasses, $390, Sunglass Hut

9. The Sexy One-Piece

How to Wear It: Bikinis are amazing but some of us just aren't, ahem, built for the 'kini. If you want to look sexy but have no interest in wearing a practical mom suit, look out for all of the super sexy one-pieces in stores now. Bonus: the one-shoulder detail and smartly-placed cut-outs will draw the eye upward and away from any challenging areas like your tummy or thighs. 

Our Pick: One-Shouldered Swimsuit, $29.95, H&M

10. The Crop Top

How to Wear It: I know, I know. You don't DO crop-tops. But here's the thing: the new crop tops are way more versatile than ever before. Wear this cropped tee with a midi skirt, layered over a printed tank (see a perfect mini tutorial from Smart Set here) or even over a white button-down. You'll be amazed by how versatile a crop top can be. And of course, if you want to flaunt it, we highly suggest you rock that crop solo this summer. 

Our Pick: Short-Sleeve Cropped Sweater, $29, Smart Set 

11. The Midi Skirt

How to Wear It: We can't get enough of all of the beautiful midi skirts lining the racks this season. If you've never worn a midi before, try it with a pretty pair of sandals (flats or heels) and a plain white tee. If you want to make a real style statement, try pairing your midi with a sweet cropped top (see above). Either way, you'll feel positively lady-like when you go long.

Our Pick: Pleated Skirt, $49.95, H&M

12. The Boho Sandal

How to Wear It: As I've said before on this blog, neutral sandals are every girl's answer to longer, leaner legs. This season, it's all about the boho details, from fringe to woven accents. These super sexy sandals will elevate (literally) every outfit you wear this summer. Worth the investment? Ab-so-lutely.

Our Pick: Dolce Vita Sandals, $235, Dolce Vita at Town Shoes


13. Silk Shortalls

How to Wear Them: As much as we love the idea of rompers, they're undoubtedly a super tricky trend to pull off. This summer, we are loving the new silky shortalls in stores since they're a little more sleek, a little less poufy than the jumpers of seasons past. Sophisticated extras like a chic gold pendant or metallic sandals will help pull your look together.

Our Pick: Soft Shortall, $44, American Eagle

14. The Understated Handbag

How to Wear It: For 9-to-5'ers, toting the same basic black bag to work is as uninspiring as it gets. This oversized off-white handbag will compliment all of your office looks and might (?) actually make you excited for Mondays. I said 'might'...

Our Pick: Highrise Handbag in Pebbled Leather, $358, Coach

15. Ugly-Pretty Slides

How to Wear Them: From Birkenstocks to sporty gym sandals, ugly slides are all the rage right now. We like how these slides feature a cool metallic upper, adding just enough pretty to a very practical style. Wear them anytime you don't feel like dealing with heels, with everything from your shorts to your maxi dresses.

Our Pick: Criss-Cross Metallic Slides, $70, ALDO