Friday Find: Great White Jeans

Second Yoga Midrise Skinny, $119.99, Jean Machine

When yoga jeans first came out, they were a revelation. Women rejoiced over the fact that someone had finally created jeans that stretched (and rebounded) in all the right places, that felt like leggings but didn't look like them, and that actually flattered our bods. 

Yet, on my hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans, I totally forgot about yoga jeans and tried on everything from Paige to Hudson to AG. I would be willing to throw down $300 for a perfect pair, if only I could find a pair I loved. But here's the thing about white jeans - good ones are really, really hard to find. They either stretch out after one wash, or show every little lump, or, as mentioned, cost $300. And because they're white, they highlight everything you don't really want highlighted, from your neon unmentionables to that 10-pack of Timbits you downed that morning.

Then I thought I'd try on yoga jeans again. They fit, they felt amazing, and at $120, I could totally justify the buy. And since I bought my first pair 3 years ago, they've introduced loads of new colours and fits, from low-rise to high, in bootcut, skinny and even plus size. And yes, they are still made in Canada.

So worth a few minutes of your weekend to give them a try, especially since they just so happen to be on a BOGO sale right now. How lucky is that?!

Happy Friday!