Friday Find: Beach Beauties

Praia Piquinia in Portugal by Christian Chaize. via

Anything goes at the beach. I mean, if there's one place where the fashion police could work overtime, it's by the lake. While time might slow down when your feet are planted firmly in the sand, horrendous fashion crimes occur every 1.5 seconds.  From Crocs to too-tight-everythings, it's best to keep one's eyes focused on a trashy beach read to avoid Speedo PTSD later on. 

You, of course, are a beacon of chic on that beach, in your super cute 'kini, sweet shades and killer curves. But even the most savvy of beach-goers sometimes forget about a perfect beach bag. Consider it the icing on the cake (or the lime in your Corona) to your perfect playa look. And in my mind, the brighter, the more stripey, the better. I've tracked down 6 under-$40 totes to carry all of your beach essentials, from sunscreen to your cellphone, in style...

Happy Friday!


Watermelon Bucket Bag, $19.95, H&M

Canvas Tote, $33.99, GAP

Beachy Stripe Backpack, $29.75, Aeropostale

Printed Canvas Tote, $40, GAP



Colorblock Straw Tote, $39.96, GAP

Granville Duck Bag, $30, Hudson's Bay