Liu Wen rocks a Derek Lam LWD. Photo: Harper's Bazaar

Between WimbledonFIFA World Cup, and the upcoming Rogers Cup, fairweather sports enthusiasts like me are currently experiencing some full-on fandemonium. I usually like to participate in team sports (girls shopping trips) and full contact sports (sample sales), but the thrill of Canada's epic Wimbledon run and the World Cup Final Four has me living on the edge of my seat instead.

Sure, I love the games, but you can't blame me for lusting after the style of these sports heroes; I mean, Eugenie in her tennis whites? Talk about 'love'. And Team Germany's highly impractical soccer whites? Winning. 

A hot summer day just begs for this coolest of palette cleansers: bright, solid white. When worn head-to-toe, there isn't a more winning combination for any athlete, whether your sport is sangria-sipping, World Cup watching or, of course, shoe shopping. 

Happy FIFA Finals! Oh, and while you wait for the next game to start, check out my fav winning whites in stores now...