FRIDAY FIND: Fall Fedoras

An amazing fedora coming to RW&CO this fall. Fall '14 Campaign. via RW&CO.

You like the idea of hats. You love them on other people. But do you actually wear them? Or do you just buy them. My challenge to you, which I feel like I put out there every year, is to finally, really, seriously, commit to the hat. My pick for fall? The wool fedora. Super sexy, ultra mysterious, and guaranteed to cover any bad hair day, the fedora is an instant, inexpensive update to all of your fall looks. Check out the model in the RW&CO. fall campaign above. Sure, she's pretty. And I do so love her outfit. But without the fedora, it would just be a weird (albeit very pretty) girl, chewing on her knuckles, trying to look natural, on a strangely empty street. Put on a fedora and all of a sudden she looks ridiculously cool. Am I right?

Happy Friday! Scroll down for some of my fav fedoras in stores right now. More are hitting store shelves as we speak..

Glory Hats by Goorin Francis Fratelli Fedora, $50, American Eagle

Topshop Wide Brim Fedora, $50, Hudson's Bay

Bordeaux Wide Brim Fedora, $25, ALDO

LIDS Private Label Stunnas Fedora, $44.99, LIDS

Topshop Asymmetric Brim Fedora, $46, Hudson's Bay

Camel Wool Wide Brim Fedora, $29.95, H&M

Floppy Wool Fedora with Grosgrain Detail, $29.95, H&M

Felt Fedora, $20, ALDO

Wool Fedora with Faux Leather Band, $29.95, H&M