Happily Ever Après

via Vogue Australia

I started skiing at Chicopee Ski Club as a tween, and it was all downhill from there; I experimented with powder, drank too much, and I'll admit that at one point, I even turned a few tricks.  Looking back, I blame it on the fact that there just wasn't much else to do in Kitchener back then, especially in the long cold months of winter.   As soon as school was over and pretty much every weekend, my friends and I would get dropped off at Mount St. Chicopee where we'd hit the slopes (okay, fine, it wasn't exactly powder) until our cute, snowpant-clad selves couldn't handle the cold anymore, at which point we'd hit the chalet for some hardcore hot chocolate and serious boy-watching. 

I still ski today but I'll admit that one of my favourite parts of the experience remains the 'après' - the part where poutine is not only available but encouraged, where I get to catch up with my favourites by the fire, and where ski bunny style is embraced in all its cozy glory.

Luckily, you don't  have to know how to step into a pair of bindings to score that coveted après-ski style this winter. From chunky knit sweaters and headbands to the best wind-burn simulating bronzer, every self-respecting ski bunny knows that when faced with a big hill on a cold day (or not), looking good really is half the battle.