15 Resolutions to Keep in 2015

via Bionda Castana

There's nothing like a brand new year to make us rethink the way we do everything. From getting fit to starting fresh with our family, the hope of change can motivate us to do some amazing things. Luckily, January doesn't have to mean a complete overhaul of the way you run your life. I personally like to keep my resolutions stylish, streamlined and sometimes sparkly. I like getting rid of excess baggage, both metaphorically and physically. Like, I seriously have so many bags to give away to Goodwill. And while a new necklace or pair of shoes isn't going to turn me into the best possible me, I know they'll make me stand taller and slightly shift my point of view. 

Let's all resolve to be a little more stylish this year, shall we? It might be a small thing but you'll be amazed by how 15 pieces will change your 2015 (or at least your 2015 closet) for the better. As for budget, let's just ignore that resolution for the moment. Oh, come on, it's January - it's the best time for dreaming big, don't you think?





HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | You've probably got a closetful of plain white tees, practical jeans and comfy sweaters. But how many standout pieces do you own? This year, push yourself ever-so-slightly out of your comfort zone with a piece that you can bust out anytime you want to get a little fancy. Or not. I'd personally love to wear this sheer floral lace tee to the office with a black tank underneath (it's not THAT kind of office...) a pencil skirt and some sleek pointy toe pumps. Kinda puts your old pantsuit to shame, huh?

OUR 2015 PICK | Lace Tee, $59.95, H&M


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Since normcore's made us all want to dress like Seinfeld, we've seen the return of everything from mom jeans to clunky sneakers. This season, the humble white Stan Smith-esque tennis sneaker brings a more streamlined look to our wardrobes, perfect for wearing with your dresses, skirts and shorts this summer. N.B: Stay far away from toddlers, mud puddles and dogs. Replace laces often. Oh, and leave your socks at home.

OUR 2015 PICK | White Trainers, $29.95, H&M


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Whether your bod is rock solid or you're all about that bass, half the battle of looking good at the gym is looking good at the gym. Colorblocking works wonders at making you look long, lean and toned, even after an embarassingly indulgent holiday season. 

OUR 2015 PICK | gFast Colorblock Moto Pants, $69.95, GAP


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Scared of a little colour? Pshaw. Yellow was splashed all over the spring runways and we love how a single piece in the happy hue instantly brightens up our wardrobes. A bright yellow silk shirt will totally change the way you dress this spring - layer it under a striped sweater (see above - how much more fun is that than wearing the sweater solo?), done up to the top under a blazer at work, worn with your fav jeans, with a white skirt and tan sandals in the summer...I really could go on and on but I'd rather hightail it GAP to pick one up before you get my size.

OUR 2015 PICK | Silk Cotton Shirt, $64.95, GAP (pictured here under a Striped Textural Pullover)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | If you're like me, you probably spend a ridic amount of time and money finding products to moisturize, smooth out fine lines, lighten dark spots, and close pores, only to cover it all up with even more expensive makeup. Does anyone else get why men don't have to do any of this? A Clarisonic is a skincare game-changer - talk to anyone who owns one, or read the reviews, and you'll soon wonder how you lived without it. An investment? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. 

OUR 2015 PICK | Clarisonic Smart Profile, $299, Sephora


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | A perfect bra is a lot like the Clarisonic - it creates a great canvas to make everything you layer on top look better. Now that Victoria's Secret is finally at White Oaks Mall, it's time to toss your granny panties in the air (or better yet, in the garbage), get rid of those worn out, stretched out bras, and officially get your underwear drawer up to date. 

OUR 2015 PICK | The T-Shirt Perfect Shape Bra, $39.50, Victoria's Secret


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Did 2014 leave you feeling a little lacklustre? We all get stuck in a rut sometimes but with fashion, it's easy to climb out of it. My fav inexpensive rut-busting solution? A pair of sparkly earrings that you can wear both day and night. Spring '15 is all about the statement earring with designers shifting their collective focus to our lobes, so there's no time like the present to pick up a pair of stunners to look right on trend. 

OUR 2015 PICK | Sparkly Statement Earrings, $15, ALDO Accessories


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Loving something is good, but there's a difference between well-loved and worn-out. Take your worn, torn and tattered bags and toss 'em. Take your out-of-date, gently used bags and sell them. Then pick up a classic tote like this gorgeous on-point bucket bag from Roots, big enough to hold what you need, but small enough that it doesn't become a cluttered carry-all. 

OUR 2015 PICK | Cathys Drawstring Pongo Bag, $188, Roots


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | We've seen chunky, clunky statement necklaces for so many seasons that our eyes have gotten bored with them. This season, go long with a pendant necklace, still statement-making but in a new and refreshing kind of way. I'm dying over this stunning feather pendant from Coach right now.

OUR 2015 PICK | Metal & Leather Feather Pendant Necklace, $140, Coach


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Is it any wonder that we love Amy Poehler? Smart, funny, irreverent, and wonderfully imperfect, she knows how to make mistakes and then laugh them right off. There are probably more important, more literary, more book-clubby kind of books on the shelves right now but this one reminds us to stop taking ourselves quite so seriously. Love. Her. 

OUR 2015 PICK | Yes Please by Amy Poehler, $32, Walmart


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | 2015 is the year to not waste your waist with designers embracing the brilliance of the statement-making obi belt. Whether you're blessed with curves or want to create more, a belt is the perfect way to cinch in the waist of your favourite coats, dresses or shirts and make the most of your shape.

OUR 2015 PICK | Faux Leather Obi Belt, $25, Le Château


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Ripped flannel jammies, saggy-bummed joggers and see-through tees have no place in the closets of 2015. If you own any of the aforementioned offenders, check out this next-level lounging outfit from Bootlegger's brand new NOVA collection. The newest season of The Bachelor just started. Game of Thrones kicks off next month. Netflix is calling your name. Do you need any other reasons, really?

OUR 2015 PICK | NOVA Collection Outfit, $98.50, Bootlegger


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | Whether it's skiing, boarding or snowshoeing to make the most of our long Canadian winters, it's always great to find an excuse to get outside. Since spring isn't too far away, I had to include this BEYOND bicycle from Coach. Tell me you wouldn't want to leave your car at home and bike everywhere (and get a serious lock) with this beauty. 

OUR 2015 PICK | C.O.A.C.H. bike, $850, Coach


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | I've said it before and I'll say it again: Every woman needs a really good white shirt. Buy one Pink Tartan shirt instead of 5 subpar white shirts and it will pay for itself over time. If you can't quite justify the big spend after the holidays, save up and wait until you can. 

OUR 2015 PICK | Pink Tartan Grosgrain Trim Shirt, $295, Hudson's Bay


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT | You might think heels are uncomfortable but a really well made heel is anything but. If you want to look professional at work, you can never go wrong with a single-sole pointy-toe black pump. This gorgeous heel with its bead-chain trim is a stunning option if you can swing it. 

OUR 2015 PICK | Tamera Pump, $235, Coach