SPRING FORWARD | 40 Dreamy Spring Dresses


Just me or are you officially done with pants, too? I try to wear dresses on the subzero days, I skirt the issue with my midi skirts when I want to dress up, but let's face it - my nearly bare legs just can't handle the cold, hard Canadian truth. And so, day after day for the past 4 months, it's been all pants, all the time. Urgh. Now we know how men must feel, right? I mean, unless they're Scottish or roll like Jared Leto, men never get the chance to go pantless. You know what i mean. 

Luckily, we can. And since March is nearly here, we absolutely will. I normally wait to post about dresses until a little later in the season but for 2015, I just couldn't help myself. The stores are already loaded with dreamy little dresses, perfect for an upcoming spring vacay, or ideal to keep in your closet as a sign of hope that one day your spring will come.

Whether you're a dress person or not, I'm confident you'll find some temptations by clicking through the thumbnails below. Worried about your arms? Add a cute (long or short) cardigan or little moto bomber, or opt for a long-sleeve dress. Self-conscious about your legs? Try leg-lengthening nude heels, a bronzing body spray, or simply pick a flowy maxi dress. There's simply no easier way to look perfectly pretty and put together than with a sweet spring dress.

Um, and now we wait...