VALENTINES 2015 | Day-to-Night Date Looks to Love

via ELLE

I have a little problem with you, Valentine's Day. It's not that I don't appreciate what you're trying to do here. I get that you just want us to love and eat candy. I like love and I also like candy. I totally get what you're selling. It's just that I don't like being forced into a heart-shaped box where romance starts after 7pm.

My favourite idea of love is the all day kind. The kind that starts early in the morning when my husband makes me a cappuccino with a heart-like pattern in the foam. He claims it's something much more inappropriate, but I'm a romantic so I like to believe it's a heart. Love shows itself throughout the day when my 4 year-old son gives me a Lego spaceship he built with a little Lego 'mommy' in the back toting a giant spacegun and a little Lego 'him' in the front wearing a bikini from my daughter's Lego Friends beach set. It doesn't make any sense but love rarely does. So I give him a kiss and tell him I love it, because I do. The rest of the day will be filled with signs that I'm loved - squeaky toys dropped at my feet by our ever-loyal Westie, random emails from my mom and sister, texts from my best friend and an exhausted kiss goodnight and subsequent zzzzz from my husband after hours of trying to get our kids to bed. Love, it turns out, has more layers than any long-stemmed rose.

Whether you're single, attached or somewhere in between, let this Valentine's be a day to celebrate all the love in your life. And if you happen to be annoyed by everyone in your life at the moment, at the very least you can always love clothes. I've put together 3 adorable outfits that will take you oh-so-sweetly from breakfast to dinner this Valentine's Day. I'm not suggesting that you wear all 3 outfits, but you know that I wouldn't discourage it either. They say that above all, you should love yourself first, right?

1. Wool Blend Shaker Knit Sweater, $79, Danier | 2. Crooks and Castles Beanie, $30, Boathouse | 3. Calvin Klein Wool Blend Clip Walker Coat, $199.50, Hudson's Bay | 4. Oversize Retro Black Frames, $10.75, Claire's | 5. Antibes Soft Leather Gloves, $24.50, Danier | 6. New Balance WX711 Trainers, $109.99, SportChek | 7. gFast Cuffed Leggings, $69.95, GAP

1. Rivets Crossbody Bag, $350, Coach | 2. Tory Burch Sunglasses, $210, Sunglass Hut | 3. Topshop Sheer Hem Shirt, $68, Hudson's Bay | 4. 6-Pack Rings, $6.95, H&M | 5. Ivanka Trump Strappy Heels, $63, Hudson's Bay | 6. Distressed Jegging, $63, American Eagle.

1. Strappy Nude Heels, $34.99, Spring | 2. Cropped Lace Tee, $34.95, H&M | 3. Flared Skirt, $59.95, H&M | 4. Floral Necklace, $14.95, H&M | 5. Laser-Cut Clutch, $25, ALDO | 6. Formula X Nailpolish, $13, Sephora.