LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY | Our Ultimate Dad's Day Gift Guide

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You've got to hand it to dads. I mean, enduring ballet recitals, waiting out endless bathroom takeovers and braving the long teenage years is enough to make even the most sane guy want to midlife crisis his way into a red Camaro. Dads are expected to keep things fun when moms like me get naggy. Do this. Do that. I mean do this, that way. Do that, but you're doing that all wrong. My husband can only take so much direction, at which point bedtime hits and he starts spontaneously hurling packs of candy at my daughter and doing bad-ass ninja taekwondo with my son. Must be some evolutionary response to eons of nagging wives. 

I was lucky to grow up with the best dad who, though he's sadly passed away, will always be with me. When I find myself taking life too seriously, I think of the look my dad would have given me and it always makes me laugh. When I find myself rushing through my day, I remember how my dad and I would spend hours staring at the clouds, magically willing them to evaporate away. When I get too stuck in a routine, I'll whisk my kids off to do something exciting because nobody taught me the value of adventure more than my spontaneous dad. He was also the first one to arrive in any crisis and the first person I'd call if I needed a cry. I now watch my husband with my kids and feel so lucky that they're growing up with a wonderful dad, too. He makes crepes on Sundays, he takes them on bike rides through the city, and makes bedtime stories way more exciting than any author could ever have imagined. Dads might not parent exactly like moms, but it turns out that's a very good thing.

Whether he's an athlete, a techie, a wannabe hipster or just a laid-back kinda bro, we've rounded up the top gifts to show him how much you appreciate every little thing. Check out our Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide below. We love you, dads.