MOTHER'S DAY | Our Wear White Guide

White always looks so right. via PopSugar

I've been getting random texts from random dads all week. This happens every year. What do I get my wife? Would she like this? Should I get her the black or the blue? 'Does she like blue?' I ask. 'Hmmm. I think?' is the usual reply. It's tough being a dude when women are so notoriously choosy. 

Since colours can feel pretty risky when it comes to gifts, most men usually opt for black because it's safe. But whether you're looking for a stylish last-minute gift or are trying to figure out what to wear to Mother's Day brunch this weekend, might I suggest white? White is as safe a bet as black and ideal for wearing through the hot season ahead.

If you're searching for the perfect gift, you can't go wrong with a white handbag or beachy tunic. Moms have a tendency to avoid white (for obvious reasons) but we also love getting gifts we wouldn't normally buy for ourselves. I'm especially a fan of perforated white leather bags because they're easy to keep clean yet feel so luxurious. Meanwhile, a white embroidered tunic or playsuit is perfect for bathing suit season - after all, every mom needs a chic cover-up, whether at Great Wolf Lodge, the pool or the beach. 

When it comes to Mother's Day brunch, it doesn't get more breezy or beautiful than head-to-toe white. A pretty little white dress and white tennis sneakers make an adorable combo and will let you run after your little ones in style. Or, opt for a great white maxi dress (check out the beauty from H&M in the gallery below) worn with chic white sandals that will win you best-dressed Mom of the Year. 

Happy Mother's Day, lovelies! Hope your weekend is filled with loads of love and laughter.