FRIDAY FIND | Fireball

via ALDO

I love ALDO. Huge fan. But while I rely on the store for well-priced shoes, I usually go designer for killer heels - you know, the super high, crazy sexy, grind-em-into-the-pavement (the men, I mean) beauties that I see in the front row at fashion shows. I've plunked down more money in the past on Louboutins and Stuart Weitzmans than I can honestly afford. And unfortunately I have a strict summer shopping budget that I have to obey. 

And so, imagine my delight when I saw these smoking hot beauties from ALDO. Only $100 and so sexy they hurt. Except they don't actually hurt. I bought them and am truly, madly, deeply smitten. I'll wear them with everything from dresses to black skinnies to distressed jeans anytime I need a power trip. Because sometimes it just feels amazing to stomp around in a pair of unapologetically sexy heels.

Don't overthink it. These are fireballs in shoe form. See the video below for the soundtrack that should be playing in your head when you buy these. BTW, how long do you think Pitbull's going to get away with singing about girls and clubs? Seriously. Everyone who went to highschool with him is all like 'huh?' right now. Do you think he legally changed his name to Pitbull? He totally did. Happy Fri!