FRIDAY FIND | Random Shopping Obsessions

via H&M

It must be Friday. I find at the end of a long week, my defenses have been completely depleted. I spend all week staring at clothes, talking about clothes, writing about clothes, which you'd think would make me want nothing to do with clothes. Yet somehow, it never works that way. It just makes me want to shop more. Since my budget has a limit and I can't always indulge in my fantasies, I'm going to share the obsessions that left an lasting impression on me this week. After all, at least one of us should take these home. It must be Friday. 

3/4 Sleeve Striped Boxy Tunic, Aeropostale (just like that Frame 'Le Boyfriend' tee that everyone is trying to get their hands on right now)

Julia Cape, Roots (currently sold out EVERYWHERE, however, I have some blogger intel for you. I spoke with head office and Roots is furiously making these capes at their Toronto factory to keep up with the demand. I've been told the cape will be available again soon so you'll have to act fast.)

UPDATE!! - The Julia Cape is now back in stock online and in stores. Get it here

Cross-Strap Pumps, ALDO (amazing colour, sexy cut. Will brilliantly update your work wardrobe for fall)