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Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall '15 - via Vogue

I've put away my shorts. I've packed away my sandals. And looks like the small tan I had is already nothing but a margarita-filled memory. Summer is over. Gone. Finito. And I can't help but feel like I'm ready for what's next. This in-between season can make even a professional shopper like me want to just give up and wear pajamas all day. Not that I'm doing that right now. Or am I? (#bloggerbenefits) Anyway, the day starts out freezing but by the afternoon, you're a total hot mess. Plus, I don't know about you but I'm done with looking at fall trends - I want to actually wear them in real life.

So today I've finally done it. I've replaced ball caps & light summer scarves with my plaid scarves and fedoras. And I actually squealed a little when I brought out my box of sweaters this morning. My favourite ivory fisherman knit that I scored at a Hudson's Bay designer sample sale last year was there. My go-to cozy grey sweater was right there beside it. And there are a few knits in that box that need some TLC before I parade them around in public. Um, this and this and a few hours on Netflix should do it. 

Since so many of my favourite fall outfits include oversized sweaters, I thought I'd share some sweater inspiration with you for the new season. See some of my favourite sweater looks below and get ready to get cozy - like you needed convincing...